Data presented at the Leipzig Interventional Course (LINC) demonstrates breakthrough treatment for Carotid Artery Disease

Raleigh, NC (January 26, 2016) — Contego Medical, an innovator in developing next generation treatments for coronary and peripheral artery disease, today presented positive  post-­market  registry  data  for  the  Paladin®  Carotid  Post-­Dilation  Balloon  with  Integrated  Embolic  Protection™  (IEP)  Technology  at  LINC  2016,  in  Leipzig, Germany.  The  presentation  included  compelling  results  from  a  diffusion-­weighted  MRI (DW-­MRI) sub-­study that showed improved patient outcomes with the Paladin System.

Dr. Ravish Sachar, CEO and Founder of Contego Medical, presented the preliminary results on symptomatic and asymptomatic carotid stenosis patients for 50 post-market registry patients and 15 DW-­MRI sub-­study patients. The post-­market registry demonstrated a 100 percent success rate for delivery and deployment of the Paladin System, without the occurrence of device related complications over a 30-­day follow-­up period.  Exhibiting excellent outcomes, the DW-­MRI sub-­study results compare favorably to published results for carotid stenting with single distal protection or proximal protection.

“These  preliminary  results  are  consistent  with  previous  findings  and  validate  the  Paladin  System  as  a  new  meaningful  technology  in  the  carotid  market,”  stated  Dr. Ralf Langhoff, Director of Angiology, Saint Getrauden Hospital, Berlin, Germany. “My experience in the post-­market registry has been very positive. By incorporating this system  into  my  practice,  I  can  post-­dilate  the  carotid  stent  and  capture  smaller  embolic debris in a single step.”

The  Paladin  System  provides  vital  embolic  protection  during  the  critical  post-­dilation step of a carotid stent procedure. By integrating a low-­profile balloon and a 40-­micron embolic filter into one catheter, the system simplifies the procedure and may improve safety.

“The positive results strengthen our belief in the Paladin System and the promise it holds  to  reduce  the  incidence  of  stroke  in  patients  undergoing  a  carotid  stenting  procedure,” commented Dr. Sachar. “Emboldened by the enthusiasm that continues to grow in the European clinical community, we are committed to ongoing clinical research to rigorously study this novel platform.”

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Contego  Medical,  a  privately  held  medical  device  company,  has  developed  a  portfolio  of  novel  products  to  address  unmet  needs  in  the  cardiovascular  and peripheral  vascular  space.  Contego’s  innovative  solutions  integrate  filter-­based embolic  protection  and  treatment  into  a  single  device.  Their  product  portfolio  is  poised  to  transform  cardiovascular  and  endovascular  intervention  by  making existing  procedures  safer  without  increasing  complexity  or  compromising  performance. Physicians Ravish Sachar MD and Jay Yadav MD, thought leaders and proven entrepreneurs, founded Contego in 2005.

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