Coronary Balloon Angioplasty System with Integrated Embolic Protection

The Corguard System contains an angioplasty balloon and an integrated embolic filter on the same catheter.  The Corguard System has been designed to capture and remove embolic material released during percutaneous coronary interventions.

The system features:

  • A low profile semi-compliant angioplasty balloon on a highly trackable and flexible delivery catheter
  • Distal integrated filter with 40-micron pores sized to maximize capture efficiency
  • The first filter adjustable by the operator to suit individual patient anatomy, resulting in optimized wall apposition and capture efficiency
  • The first integrated filter positioned on the catheter immediately beyond the angioplasty balloon, resulting in a short landing zone and allowing for better embolic protection for side branches

The Corguard System is in development and not available, worldwide.