Contego Medical has developed a novel technology platform, Integrated Embolic Protection (IEP). The main feature of this technology is that an anatomically-designed embolic protection device is incorporated into the treatment portion (i.e., angioplasty balloon), thus coupling the two together.

We know that embolization can occur with all angioplasty and stenting procedures in all vascular beds. It is usually hard to predict when embolization will result in clinical consequence, thus embolic protection devices are not used in all procedures as they add complexity, time, and cost. Contego’s IEP systems are designed to provide embolic capture without extra steps or additional products.

The IEP platform is designed to be used in several vascular beds including carotid and peripheral arteries. Accordingly, we have developed a family of embolic protection devices on a proprietary platform:

  • Paladin® Carotid System
  • Vanguard IEP® Peripheral System
Please see individual product pages for more information and availability, worldwide.