Carotid Post-Dilation Balloon with Integrated Embolic Protection

Despite the widespread use of EPDs, the risk of stroke remains one of the biggest challenges regarding carotid artery stenting especially in the critical procedure stage of post-dilation. The PALADIN Carotid Post-Dilation Balloon with Integrated Embolic Protection contains an angioplasty balloon and an integrated 40 μm filter, coupled together for the first time. Whether the operator chooses to use a distal filter or a proximal occlusion as a primary method of embolic protection, the additional protection provided by the PALADIN device will result in more efficient carotid stent procedures.

Easy Single-Step Deployment & Removal

Stroke Protection
When it Matters Most

Ischemic stroke risk remains unacceptably high in carotid stent procedures, even with the use of conventional embolic protection devices. Some groups such as symptomatic patients and octogenarians are at higher risk than others.¹

“The highest risk of embolization during CAS is in post-dilation. Therefore, the biggest opportunity to reduce risk is during this phase.”
Dr. William Gray

Size Matters
Paladin® Captures What Others Miss2,3

  • The Paladin® EPS captures smaller emboli. Paladin® EPS pore sizes ≈ 40 μm while commercially available filters are all ≥ 100 μm.
  • Better wall apposition (capture efficiency) by being able to adjust the filter diameter to suit the patient’s anatomy.


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